New Features Available to CIS Customers

 We are constantly looking for ways to improve the functionality of our system

Forget Projects

Following recent customer feedback, CIS would like to inform you of the introduction of a new function on our platform; Forget Projects! This addition will allow users to forget project do not interest or apply to their business type. In conjunction with saved searches Tracked Projectsthis feature will save time and effort by refining the search results that are relevant to them. 

How to forget a project:

1. Search using your saved search or new search criteria

2. Identify projects that have no relevance to your business

3. Simply click either the forget icon beside the project or the forget project button within the project

4. To reinstate a forgotten project, you can find forgotten projects in your account settings


The new Framework Tenders filter is now available on CIS Online.

Frameworks offer the opportunity to be pre-approved to tender for works or services that arise during the framework’s lifecycle. Frameworks are frequently open for several years, and users can apply to be on supplier lists at any time. Framework tenders could include:

• A local council seeking a list of preapproved contractors to perform minor work throughout the council area.

• A Government body wanting a list of pre-approved companies to call on for schemes over a multi-year period.

You can find the Framework Filter in the Additional Filters when conducting a project search

We are constantly adding additional features to our platform to answer the needs of our customers – No other Irish construction intelligence provider is currently offering this level of specificity!

Please contact if you have any questions regarding these updates or have something you’d like to see us develop