A Quick Review of Data Centre Construction Activity in Recent Years

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Data Centres are one of the most important factors in maintaining technological advancement, business capacity, and the everyday benefits we’ve all come to expect. These aspects of our expanding society come at the expense of high energy consumption as well as the need for more and more comprehensive data centres to meet ever-increasing demands. Project activity post-Covid has an increase due to higher requirements due to business needs and consumer demand – which is also causing the energy sector to both bolster supply as well as accelerate investment in renewable energy sources to meet sustainability targets.

Energy supply is an ongoing issue in Ireland. In Q4 2022, Eirgrid imposed a moratorium causing a sudden halt to data Centre activity in the Dublin area. The moratorium has been brought about amidst concerns on the current data centre energy consumption which is 11% of Ireland’s overall electricity usage. The figure (11%) has been projected to grow to at least 23-30% by 2030 which Eirgrid says may place a disproportional pressure on the National Grid resulting in energy shortages and black outs.

Top Data Centre Projects 2016-2022

CIS Online Project Client County Current Status Value
870556 €380m – Data Centre Development Microsoft Ireland Co. Dublin Completed €380m
1103118 Amazon Data Centre, Townlands within Grange Castle South Business Park UBC Properties LLC Co. Dublin Completed €153m
767561 €150m – Google Data Centre Google Ireland Limited Co. Dublin Completed €150m
1186691 2 Data Centres Development, Finglas Huntstown Power Company Limited Co. Dublin Plans Granted €144m
1132971 Microsoft Data Centres Grange Castle Microsoft Ireland Co. Dublin On Site €120m
1050764 2 Data Storage Units, Ballycoolin Business Park K2 Strategic Infrastructure Ireland Limited Co. Dublin On Site €112m
886215 €110m – Data Centre EdgeConneX Ireland Limited Co. Dublin Completed €112m
1078375 EngineNode  Data Centre, Clonee EngineNode Limited Co. Meath Plans Granted €102m
870547 €100m – Data Centre Amazon Data Services Ireland Limited (ADSIL) Co. Dublin Completed €100m
847331 €100m – Data Centre Amazon Data Services Ireland Limited (ADSIL) Co. Dublin Completed €100m

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