Our Research team continue to engage with their contacts to monitor what activity is happening and recording new amended construction schedules.

The table below gives you an overview of activity trends for the first two weeks of January, CIS can confirm that there were 571 plans submitted in the Republic of Ireland, which is on par with the same time last year. In Northern Ireland there was a 7% decrease in the volume of plans submitted – 296 in comparison to the 317 in 2020.

Planning Decisions in ROI fell by 17% to 765 during this 2-week period when compared with 925 for the same time last year, and in NI the picture is similar with a 16% decline to 277.

In tracking Public Sector Construction Tenders, both ROI and NI witnessed a significant -50% drop in advertised tenders. Furthermore, as expected with the Level 5 Lockdown in the Republic, projects commencements fell by 69%. Only 38 projects started on-site in January compared to 123 in the first two weeks of 2020. Similarly, in NI 24 projects started versus 52 in 2020 which is a decrease of 54%.

As part of our research process we have also identified the public sector schemes that have started in the 1st two weeks of January for ROI & NI and also the schemes that are projected to start in February for the Republic. If you would like more information and to view these projects, please contact our team at sales@cisireland.com

The graphs below also highlight in which sector and region these public sector schemes reside in for February.

With all this in mind, why not utilise this time to identify project opportunities and build a quality pipeline for 2021. Our Research Team are available to answer any queries, source information and provide market intelligence on our researched and verified projects, enabling you to find and target the right opportunities for your sales pipeline.

Contact the Research team by email (research@cisireland.com) or call 01 2999 200 and press 2 for Research to find out how the CIS Research Team can assist you.   

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