Established and Irish owned since 1972

Construction Information Services (CIS) celebrates 49 years since the 1st issue of the CIS Report was produced. Since then it has become the cornerstone of the Construction and Related Industries, providing Comprehensive, Reliable, Timely and Verified business opportunities and intelligence.

The first edition of the CIS Report was published on the 19th May 1972, a date lodged in the memory of the company’s founder Paddy Hayes. Paddy a 26-year-old, worked for Haden Young Limited, a mechanical and electrical engineering company, and part of his role required him on a regular basis to specifically to check the planning files in the Planning office, then located on Dame Street, Dublin 2, for potential business opportunities.

See sample of the first CIS Report

The Head Office of Haden Young Limited was based in the UK, where they monitored planning applications and required the process to be replicated in Ireland. One day Paddy prepared a report for his manager, listing out circa twelve new construction projects which were potential business opportunities to pursue. In preparing the report, he identified the potential of this information in a commercial context and put together an initial sample report, printed up 20 copies and approached 20 companies, of which 16 purchased the Report on a three-month subscription at just £19. The first customer of the CIS Report was John Paul Construction Limited, based in Windy Arbour, Dublin, who remains a valued customer to this day.

CIS has outperformed the average business life expectancy fourfold for an SME. It has witnessed much change over this period in both the industry and business environments. The major reason for CIS’s continued success is its ability to adapt to change, to innovate and take advantage of the many opportunities it encountered on its journey thus far.

CIS did indeed encounter many challenges during its 49-year journey. It survived a number of major economic recessions in the 1980’s and 90’s. However, the most challenging experience was the well documented financial and economic crash which plummeted the construction industry to its knees. CIS lost 63% of its revenues during the period 2008 to 2013 and survived, which was mainly attributed to changing its business model, employing a technological means of gathering and processing data and embracing the internet to create an online platform for its customers to access real-time construction information.

Today the ‘CIS Report’ is predominantly an Online Service providing real-time advance information on the activty in the Construction Industry on an All-Ireland basis. However, there are still a number of companies who prefer to receive the information in its original printed format!

The CIS Weekly Report Today

Since the company was first sold in 1985, it changed hands on several occasions before being bought back by its original owners in 1996. In 2002 the Company was purchased by Tom Moloney and Paddy McSwiney, and Managing Director Tom Moloney has been responsible for both the technological development and successfully steering the company through the worst recession in Ireland’s living memory.

Following the acquisition of CIS in 2002, Tom has worked tirelessly developing new channels and links for distributing our factual and verified information. As part of his strategy he developed a strong association with Barbour ABI, the leading provider of construction information throughout the UK. This resulted in Barbour ABI distributing our Irish data to UK companies who have an interest in the Irish construction sector.

In addition, as part of Construction Information Services’s corporate responsibility, Tom has developed a strong relationship with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) to provide Business Intelligence to its membership by producing monthly and quarterly analysis of activity on a regional basis.

In 2012, CIS acquired its main competitor in Northern Ireland and in 2015 opened its Northern Ireland office in Banbridge, Co. Down. Tom continues to explore and develop the technological functionality and platforms, and CIS will be launching a number of new exciting developments imminently.

Today the company’s head office is in Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford. It now has customers from over 100 business categories including Professionals, Contractors, Sub-contractors, Financial Services and Suppliers of goods and services. CIS now employs over 20 people and is commonly referred to as the ‘The Bible of the Industry’.

This milestone provides CIS with the opportunity to thank its many valued and loyal customers, both present and past, and we look forward to continuing our journey delivering quality, comprehensive and timely information for the Irish Construction Sector.