The value of Civil projects moving to On-Site stage in 2016 has fallen 6% when compared with 2015, down from €1.68 billion to €1.58 billion (Fig. 19). 

F 19

Fig. 19

However, when we look at the number of projects, we see a 30% increase in projects started as the Government ramps up its capital program (Fig. 20). Over 240 projects began in 2016, with 100 in Munster alone.

F 20

Fig. 20

Future Pipeline of Civil Sector Projects

The value of Civil projects granted planning in 2016 has increased by 174% when compared with 2015 (Fig. 21). Over €1.5 billion of projects are in the pipeline with a regional spread of over €300 million in each region (with the exception of Munster which has only €120 million at Plans Granted stage).

The North–South interconnector which was controversially granted planning by An Bord Plenala in December 2016 is classed as an Ulster project but will be also routed through much of Leinster.



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Fig. 21

The number of Civil projects submitted for planning in 2016 is up 29% on 2015 levels with over 275 projects submitted for planning (Fig. 22) . Leinster has the largest share of the market with 95 projects in this category, or 35% of the market.

F 22

Fig. 22