CIS estimates that over €440 million in projects went On-Site in 2016 in the hotel and catering sector. This is a 179% increase on 2015 levels. As can be seen from Fig. 33, Dublin has experienced significant growth in this sector as the lack of investment in this sector in the past 8 years looks to be rectified. 

F 33

Fig. 33

Over 250 projects have begun in 2016, an increase of 53% on 2015 levels. All regions have experienced an increase in the number of projects On-Site (Fig. 34).

F 34

Fig. 34

Future Pipeline of Hotel & Catering Projects

The volume of projects granted planning in the sector in 2016 has increased by 9% when compared with 2015 analysis. However, when we look at the value of projects, the increase is 87% up to over €860 million from €460 in 2015.

The volume of plans submitted has increased by 4% in 2016 when compared with 2015 (Fig. 35). Dublin, Ulster (ROI) and Leinster have all experienced a decrease in the number of projects submitted for planning in 2016. This has been offset by strong performance from Connacht and Munster in the year.

F 35

Fig. 35