CIS can now provide an insight into the opportunities resulting in an increase in the number of Primary Care Centre projects. This analysis looks at the volume of Primary Care Centres that are currently at plans granted or tender stage, and the split in funding.

Funding No. of Projects Average Cost per project Total Expenditure
Private 92 €1.14m €105
Public 16 €4.8m €77m
PPP 14 €5.8m €81m
Total 122 €2.2m €263m

Recent CIS research illustrates that new projects at granted and tender stage within the Medical sector have remained consistent since the start of the year. The analysis below focuses on the period Jan 1st to Oct 1st. The 14 PPP Projects are part of the National Development Finance Agency and the average construction cost of these projects is €5.8m. In addition the NDFA have stated that the overall budget for the 14 PPP project scheme is €115m.

To date in 2014 the total value of granted schemes exceeds €263m with the largest approved projects being €105m in the private sector. The average value of each granted scheme equates to just under €2.2m. Assuming each of these schemes reaches on-site phase the sector would appear to be lucrative for contractors and suppliers.



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