CIS have now made it even easier to access public sector tender opportunities in our new monthly reports. In these reports we’ll cover All Public Sector Construction Tenders featured on our database in the past month, the vast majority of which are live and offer plenty of time to submit an application to win the contract.

Businesses interested in bidding for Northern Ireland Public Sector Tenders can find all construction related opportunities in this report also. This complimentary single stop source of NI tender information would be a key asset to any construction/supplier business leads strategy.

In these reports we’ll cover all public sector construction tenders featured on our database in the past month, the vast majority of which are live and offer plenty of time to submit an application to win the contract.

Download our latest complimentary CIS Tenders Report. New issues will be made available here every month.

   February 2016 Tender Report

  Tenders Report Cover Feb


Why choose CIS over eTenders for tender information?

At CIS we have researching and publishing information on construction projects in Ireland for over 40 years. An important element of our research is in Public Sector construction. Opportunities in this area are published on the Government’s public procurement

So why choose CIS over etenders? Here are a few key reasons and below is a comparitive example of the amount of detail included on an eTenders project and the same project published by CIS.

  • All eTenders projects relating to construction are published same day on CIS
  • CIS provide direct links to tender documents so users can get full specification and apply online
  • Links to relevant planning applications, news items and related tenders where applicable (CIS subscribers will be aware of upcoming opportunities long before they are published on eTenders)
  • Details of full team involved in the project with full contact details to relevant individuals.
  • Alerts and updates on the tender as it progresses.
  • We publish details of the successful bidder and continue to research and add companies as they become involved further along the project timeline. 
  • Details of all other projects the Awarding Authority and associated companies are involved in
  • 100% coverage of public tenders from Northern Ireland

Decisions are no better than the information on which they are based. At CIS we not only publish tenders at the same time as eTenders but we provide more comprehensive details about and around these tenders with full and relevant contact details of the individuals involved. 

In this way CIS customers are able to quickly identify relevant opportunities and make sound decisions on which opportunities they want to pursue.

New EU Rules on Public Procurement

At a meeting in Brussels on the 11th February 2014, the Council of Ministers of the European Union adopted three new Directives on Procurement. These Directives are:

  1. Directive 2014/23 – Award of Concession Contracts
  2. Directive 2014/24 – Public Procurement
  3. Directive 2014/25 – Procurement by entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors

These three Directives, taken together, represent a reform of public procurement rules across the European Union and EU countries have until the 17th of April 2016 to transpose them into national law. These Directives are significant and they aim to make the procurement process more flexible and less time consuming. As of the 26th February 2015, these new rules have come into effect in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the intention is for Ireland to follow shortly.

Main points:

  • Better value for money
  • Fairer for SME’s to get involved
  • More strict rules on sub-contracting
  • More innovative solutions

What Will These New Rules Mean to You?

  • Greater access for SME’s when large contracts are divided into lots.  You can now tender for contracts that may have previously been outside of your financial capacity
  • The award of a contract is no longer dependent on price, allowing your experience to be taken into account as well
  • Buyers can no longer set the company turnover requirements at more than 2 times the contract value, allowing you more opportunity to tender
  • Contractors who underperform will be excluded from tendering for a period of time allowing our better performing customers to gain work in their place
  • Public bodies will not be able to set company turnover requirements at more than twice the contract value, which will allow SME’s get on board
  • It will mean greater flexibility on setting tender deadlines, with the minimum time limits for suppliers to respond to a tender competition being reduced by one-third, to speed up simple and off-shelf procurements

What Will it Mean for Ireland as a Whole?

The new award criteria will ensure fair competition, meaning not only large companies are bidding for projects. It also means that the citizens of Ireland will be able to see public money used effectively. There will be more of an emphasis on environmental considerations, social aspects and innovation

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