The Schools Summer Works Scheme covers necessery small scale works to improve the integrity of buildings and their external environment that, ideally, can be delivered during the summer months. Categories of work eligible for funding under the Schools Summer Works Scheme are prioritised on the following basis:

  • Priority/Category 1: Gas Works
  • Priority/Category 2: Electrical Works
  • Priority/Category 3: Mechanical Works
  • Priority/Category 4 Special Needs Projects
  • Priority/Category 5: Toilet Facilities
  • Priority/Category 6: Roof Works
  • Priority/Category 7 Window Projects
  • Priority/Category 8: Curricular Requirement Projects
  • Priority/Category 9: Other Structural Improvements
  • Priority/Category 10: External Environment Projects

335 projects included in categories 1-6 have progressed to tender to date. 

Project ID Project Title Location Tender Deadline
 1008691 Toilet Refurb Works  Co. Dublin  01/10/2018 at 12pm