• Over €8 billion in projects moved On-Site in 2016
• 2,800 projects Moved On-Site (ex. one-off housing)
• Almost €11 billion worth of projects moved to Plans Granted stage
• Volume of Plans Submitted projects up 5%
• Over 16,500 Residential Units were granted planning


Construction Projects at On-Site Stage in Republic Of Ireland

CIS estimates that over €8 billion in projects across all sectors have moved On-Site in 2016, up from €5.7 billion in 2015 and €3.4 billion in 2014 (Fig. 1)


This is an increase of over 25% (excluding single dwelling and residential extensions.) However, the Commercial, Education and Sport and Social Sectors have decreased in value terms in 2016. All other sectors show an increase in activity by value (Fig. 2). The Residential and Civil  & Utilities sectors were the largest in terms of value in 2016.


The volume of projects moving On-Site increased by 27% to over 2,800 in 2016.


* ‘On-Site’ describes any projects where building activity has begun.
**The Leinster region excludes Dublin throughout this report. Dublin is treated as a region in its own right due to its large ‘closed’ economy and high levels of internal construction activity.
***This report excludes One Off Housing and Extensions and any projects where no construction opportunity exists such as Fire and Disability Access Certs. Any discussion of construction projects in this review incorporates this caveat.


Construction Projects at Plans Granted Stage in Republic Of Ireland

The value of projects that moved to Plans Granted stage in 2016 is up 37% over 2015, to almost €11 billion (Fig. 4).


The value of projects granted planning has more than doubled in two years (Fig.5). The Residential and Commercial sectors are the leading two in terms of collective project value.


The overall volume of projects granted planning in 2016 is up 12% on 2015 levels. The Medical & Care Residential, Industrial, Education, Sport, Social & Leisure sectors are all down slightly in terms of project volume (Fig. 6). Every other sector is growing.



Construction Projects at Plans Submitted Stage in Republic Of Ireland

The overall value of projects in 2016 at Plans Submitted stage is up 3% on 2015 levels (Fig. 7).


The Agriculture, Medical, Education, Industrial, and Sport sectors are all down slightly in terms of total project value. Residential is the largest sector at this stage of the pipeline (Fig. 8).


The volume of projects which have been submitted for planning in 2016 is up by 5% on 2015 levels (Fig. 9). Unsurprisingly, and in keeping with the trends in the other stages, the Sport, Social & Leisure, Education and Medical & Care Residential sectors are all down slightly in project volume while all other sectors have grown in the period under review.