CIS has calculated that over €740 million worth of projects have moved On-Site in 2016 which is a 127% increase on 2015 (Fig. 15). However, a large part of this increase is due to a small number of data centres which have moved On-Site this year in Leinster and Dublin to some extent.

G 15


Due to the differing values of projects in this sector, it is sometimes difficult to discern patterns. However if we look at the number of projects On-Site in this sector, this metric has risen 7% in 2016 over 2015 with in excess of 200 projects started (Fig. 16). All regions have shown positive growth with the exception of Connacht.

G 16

Fig. 16

Future Pipeline of Industrial Projects

According to CIS research, the value of projects granted planning in 2016 in the sector has fallen by 2% when compared with 2015 (Fig.17). Connacht and Dublin have both increased in value while all other regions have fallen. It is worth noting that Connacht’s value increase can be mostly attributed to the granting of plans for the €850m Apple Data Cantre in Athenry, Co. Galway.
Dublin’s gain has been negated by the fall in value in Leinster. Munster has remained almost static. Overall, €830 million worth of industrial projects received planning permission in 2016.

G 17

Fig. 17

Looking further into the future, we see a stagnant market with minimal growth of 1% in the sector at Plans Submitted stage in 2016. Over €940 million worth of industrial projects were submitted for planning in 2016 (Fig. 18).

G 18