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How do you chase leads to secure your next construction project?

Do you scan newspapers, ring architects or employ a sales team to chase opportunities out on the field? What if you could create an online search to identify construction projects in the pipeline according to county, value, industry sector and much more? What if you could save this search and have an email sent to you as soon as something changes in that project status?

You can, with the help of Construction Information Services. We are Ireland’s Market Leader in supplying construction leads to contractors, design professionals and suppliers. We identify, track and monitor thousands of key construction projects taking place across All-Ireland from pre-planning to On-Site stages. Here’s just a taste of what our new CIS CRM system can do to boost your business lead tracking efficiency.

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CRM functionality gives you the tools to track and manage all of your CIS project leads whether you are a manager, single user or part of a larger team. With CIS CRM you can also stay up to date with client (and competitor) activity.


The journey from turning opportunities into new business begins with your search profile – setting out clearly what projects your company are interested in. It is important to define and prioritise your profile in terms of the sectors, regions and stage of project lifecycle that present you with the best opportunities.

By doing this you will be able to streamline the large volume of project leads available into a manageable set of candidates for your business. Having a profile that is too wide in scope will yield too many leads and quickly become unmanageable.

Build Track Action

The other important element of making CIS CRM work efficiently for you is time. You need to set aside time each day or week to keep your pipeline up to date and manageable. Getting your profile right and spending a little time each week on your prospects will make CIS CRM an effective tool in generating new business opportunities. The CIS team are always on hand to help you define your profile.


Once you have defined your profile and are receiving regular details of relevant projects through your saved searches then by following these steps you can be sure that your pipeline is up to date in terms of yielding you the best quality opportunities.

Track Projects & Set a Recall Date

Look at new leads presented by your profile and track those that you feel offer an opportunity. Decide what action you are going to take on these opportunities and set a recall date for that action or for any future action.

Action alerts from CIS

Once you track a project CIS will monitor it and send you an alert if anything significant changes. For example, if the project goes out to tender or if planning is decided. When you receive these alerts you can look at the tracked project and decide if the change in the project’s status warrants any action on your part.

As this is a tracked project you will already have a future recall date set and actions to take and it may be that these are sufficient regardless of the change in project status.

Action Projects Due for Recall

From your tracked project list you will quickly see which projects are due for recall. By examining your project notes you can take the appropriate actions. After making notes on your latest actions you can then set a future recall date for the project or, if it no longer represents an opportunity, you can stop tracking the project and record an outcome i.e. Contract Won, Contract Lost or whatever reason you have for no longer tracking it.

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Try chasing leads the easy way by creating saved searches on our CIS Online system to find all the projects you want to target, according to province, sector, cost and much more.

Sign up for our Free 7 Day Trial today and start experiencing the powering time-saving and lead generating benefits of using CIS Online.

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