There are many lucrative and relevant project opportunities awaiting you on our CIS Online database but what is the optimum way to use CIS for your organisation?  These are the tips we’ve implemented with our customers to help them maximise the revenue potential from the leads the found on our system

1.    Make the time – A little time goes a long way when using CIS.  As little as an hour per week (perhaps during an office /admin day) may be enough to identify your target prospects for the following week.  Using CIS in short amounts of time but at regular intervals keeps you fully up-to-date on key project updates and new additions, plus it ensures you can maximise the use of all the functionality the service has to offer.

 Working On Computer

2.    Less is more – CIS Online contains literally tens of thousands of project opportunities across all stages and sectors.  It’s easy to be tempted to chase all potential leads but this can lead to many dead ends and lots of wasted effort.  In our experience the clients of ours who have most success and biggest return on their investment in CIS are very selective with which projects they choose to pursue.  If they find 50 good leads they’ll pursue the best 10.  Their success rate is usually higher than average.

3.    Tailor your searches – Given the vast number of opportunities in CIS Online it’s recommended that you focus your search by several key criteria.  The advanced search function is designed to assist you in this regard.  Decide first on what sectors you want to review, and then match these to the geographic regions your company operates in, then add the optimum project stage(s) to further refine your search.  So for example, if you want ‘Nursing Home projects in Co. Cork with Planning Granted’ use the advanced search to build and save this query.  CIS Online is capable of creating and storing unlimited tailored searches.

4.    Use email alerts – When saving a tailored search (as described above) tick the ‘Send Alerts’ box.  This will ensure that new and updated projects that match your tailored searches will be emailed to you.  You can set the frequency with which these are sent – daily or weekly can be selected.  This is ideal for keeping you up-to-date when on the go on your mobile or tablet.

 Email Alerts

5.    Target key players – while the main focus of CIS Online is to present new and updated project opportunities to you, it is advisable to target key companies you would like to form a close working relationship with too.  You can watch company activity and let CIS Online notify you by email every time these companies are linked to new or updated projects.  

Why you should consider a CIS Premium subscription

  • Our range of premium packages allows you unlimited access to all construction leads across all sectors in the location of your choice.
  • All you need to do is set up your project search criteria and we will send you email updates when any project is entered/updated on our system which matches it.
  • Our premium subscriptions allows you to track projects and watch company activity as well as record your own CRM notes and recall dates.

Premium packages and pricing


 Annual Cost

 Monthly  Direct Debit Cost

 All Ireland (32 counties)

  €1000 plus VAT

  €90 plus VAT

 Republic of Ireland

  €750 plus VAT

  €67.50 plus VAT


  €600 plus VAT

  €55 plus VAT


  €500 plus VAT

  €45 plus VAT


  €400 plus VAT

  €37 plus VAT

 Northern Ireland

  €500 plus VAT

  €42 plus VAT

 Northern Ireland & Border  counties

  €600 plus VAT

  €50 plus VAT













Experience what a premium CIS Package can offer you

We would be delighted to offer you a 15 minute demo of our premium database to get a flavour of the opportunities available to your business. If you would like to experience first-hand the benefits of the premium service, we would be happy to set you up on our trial for a few days which grants you unlimited access to our project information. You can contact us by email on: or call 01 2999 200 to pursue one of these options.