Wheelbarrow Line

Good news from the CSO’s live monthly register regarding a further fall in unemployment to just 10% in March. But what does this mean for the approximately 57,000 unemployed that once worked in industries associated with the construction sector? These workers make up 16.3% of those still unemployed but a plan by the Department of Social Protection (DSP) could help dramatically bring this figure down.

The objective is to raise a greater awareness of employment services already managed by the Government department which include JobsPlus, Jobs Ireland Recruitment Service, Employ Ability Service and JobBridge via the Construction Industry Federation (CIF).

The representative body for construction companies and contractors working across all sectors in Ireland will implement a more focused PR campaign of these services through their online and offline platforms, including blogs, videos, social media, leaflets and mailings.

“What we want to say to employers is ‘If you want to take on staff, we can find the staff for you…Construction companies get the finance they need to build, construction workers are re-employed, and they build the homes that families need” said the Tánaiste Joan Burton at the campaign launch recently.

She acknowledges that upon return to site, many will require upskilling in health and safety procedures but that this would be something addressed with industry employers. CIF Director General Tom Parlon commented that he was positive about the effect the Construction Industry Federation will have in generating a greater awareness of the Government services available;

“This will not only help those who are out of work, but it will also strongly benefit our sector, as well as the wider economy”.

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