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Construction Information Services (CIS) is the market leader in providing business intelligence to any company that can sell into the construction industry. As well as architects, builders and raw material suppliers involved in the early process of construction, companies that specialise in window fitting, lighting, joinery, IT services and even office supplies can benefit from CIS Online.

Discover the latest updates on all major construction projects across all sectors in Ireland, North and South. We track projects in the following sectors from planning stage until they go on-site.

  • Medical Sector
  • Residential Sector
  • Commercial sector
  • Industrial Sector
  • Education Sector
  • Hotel and Hospitality Sector
  • Leisure Sector
  • Civil Sector
  • Transport Sector
  • Utilities Sector

Sign up to our Free 7 Day Trial to discover how you can tailor CIS Online to generate specific leads for your business requirements. Wondering where to begin when you’re signed up? Read through our step by step guide below to get the most out of our powerful time saving and potential revenue generating tool.


When you sign up or login to CIS Online, click on the dashboard button to be directed to the ‘Search for Projects page. In the category option (see figure 1.1) you can select what construction sectors you’re interested in. Here we’ve selected Education.

CIS Online Figure 1.1

Click on the location you want to focus on (see figure 1.2). There are two options here; Ireland and Northern Ireland.

CIS Online Figure 1.2

You can streamline your search by selecting one or more project stages that’s you’re interested in (see figure 1.3). Construction companies would want to know about the ‘Plans Granted’ or ‘Tender’ stages whereas an outfitting company could make a note on the system to contact the architect/project manager when the project is on-site based on the estimated duration of the build.

CIS Online Figure 1.3

Your next option is to narrow down your project search by highlighting only the price range your company is interested in (see figure 1.4). As we’re using ‘Education’ as our category, we can include a price range that would cover a small extension to a complete build.

CIS Online Figure 1.4

Based on the value range you selected, you can determine whether your project preferences are ‘Small Scale’ or ‘Large scale’ or maybe the medium value of ‘Both Large and Small Scale’ (see figure 1.5).

CIS Online Figure 1.5

You can decide to view only projects that were updated from between a week to six months ago or between dates you select yourself (see figure 1.6).

CIS Online Figure 1.6

If you’re happy with your selection you can click the ‘Search’ button or click on ‘Display more Search Fields’ to streamline your search further. Here you can search by funding type, planning authority and tender deadline dates for example (see figure 1.7).

CIS Online Figure 1.7

When you click on the search button you will see your list of projects that match the criteria you requested. This particular search yielded 98 results (see figure 1.8).

CIS Online Figure 1.8

If you’d like to narrow this down to a list of more manageable leads you can click the ‘Modify Criteria’ button on the right of the screen to go back and scale down/up your value range or reduce project stages to see only projects that are out to tender for example. When you have revised this you can click the ‘Search’ button to be met with a neater list of 23 project leads (see figure 1.9).

CIS Online Figure 1.9

You can sort this list by clicking on the ‘County’ and ‘Last Updated’ buttons on the right of the screen. Save your search by naming it in the box provided. You can opt to also have this search sent conveniently to your inbox for later reference. Below this, under the ‘Export Search Results’ heading, you can choose to print this list of projects, download CRM data or export to Excel or Word formats.

Clicking on the first project on the list will lead you to figure 1.10.

CIS Online Figure 1.10

If there’s a project you’re particularly interested in, click the ‘Add to Watchlist’ button to receive direct updates on this project to your inbox.

So there you have it…a step by step guide to using CIS Online. If you would like any further help on setting up project searches etc, contact our sales team by email or call +353 1 2999 200.

Visit our website for more information on our three great value Subscription Packages or to find out more about key construction projects. CIS Online is by far the most efficient tool to generate solid leads for your buisness, with all the information you need at your fingertips. Can you afford not to try us?