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Yesterday, CIS launched an updated version of our CRM system with excellent new features to help our customers maximise their profit potential. Our new features include:

  • A multi-user and shared intelligence functionality
  • Managing and tracking projects across teams
  • Update alerts on your tracked projects
  • Tracking key customer and competitor activity
  • 360′ view of pipeline opportunities

Now, when you search for projects in our system, you will see an option to ‘Track Project’ beside each one in the list. Multi-user subscriptions will have an adminisitrator who can track and assign projects to other members of the team.

Tracked Project

When you click into a project title to learn more, you’ll see this handy project notes/ recall feature where administrators of a multi-user team can re-assign projects to different team members. Recall dates to contact architects or contractors can be entered here for example and teams can enter their own project value and project notes here.

Project Details Feature

Download and read our visual Guide to Using CIS CRM to learn all about how we’ve advanced our CIS Online system and how you can use these new features to build your project pipeline efficiently and ultimately, increase your profits. 


Visit our CRM webpage for more information on our new launch and sign up for our Free 7 Day Trial to experience the new benefits for yourself!

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