The commencement of enabling works on the New Children’s Hospital in 2016, with its updated value of €200m to €950 million, sees a growth of 245% in On-Site values to almost €1.1 billion in 2016 versus 2015. The number of Medical & Care Residential projects has actually fallen by 2% in 2016 from 186 to 183 projects.
*The increased value of the New Childrem’s Hospital to €950m will further skew the data in future reports.

F 23

Fig. 23

While the volume of projects on site in the Medical & Care Residential sector has remained static, the volume of primary care/surgery projects on site has increased by 43% when compared with 2015 (Fig. 24).  This trend is in line with the Government pledge to take the pressure off the acute hospitals by treating patients in the community. 

F 24

Fig. 24

Future Pipeline of Medical & Care Residential Projects

The number of projects granted planning in 2016 has fallen by 11% year on year with only 224 projects granted planning. Almost €1.2 billion in projects has been granted planning permission with the New Children’s Hospital representing the majority of the total at €950 million.

F 25

Fig. 25

The sector is trending downwards with only 222 projects submitted for planning in 2016, down from 282 in 2015 or minus 21%. All regions are experiencing this decline (Fig. 26)

F 26

Fig. 26