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CIS Online

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CIS is an online database that contains researched, up-to-date information on key building projects for all 32 counties of Ireland. Our highly experienced research team report on key construction projects in great detail to ensure your business can make important decisions quickly and generate the right leads for your pipeline.

CIS Online is compatible with all mobile and tablet devices meaning you'll always have the latest project opportunities with you no matter where you are!

Project Search Alerts

Saved Project Searches

CIS Online contains thousands of construction project opportunities across all sectors and counties.  The search alerts facility allows you to tailor your view of these opportunities and set up a regular email alert which lists the latest new and updated project opportunities most relevant to you. 

Simply review the project alerts in your email and link directly to those of most interest.

Advanced Project search

Advanced Project Search

Advanced search allows for quick and easy identification of the best project opportunities for your business. 

Using the advanced search you can focus your search on a combination of sector, stage, location, date, value and keywords – and more.  So, for example, if it's on-site commercial projects in Munster you want to see, advanced search can cater for that in just a few clicks.

Tracking Projects and Companies

Tracked Project

With our new CIS CRM, customers can track and be alerted to any activity in their tracked projects and companies. You can track competitor activity based on the contracts they've won are are currently working on.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge

Target the key players in your sector with direct mail.  Link the key professionals to the sectors you are most interested in targeting and generate mailing lists in MS excel format. 

Ideal for mail merge using MS word or for import into a newsletter database.  Full contact details including name, company, address, phone and company email address are exported.  



Keep colleagues, management and regional offices up-to-date – key projects can be selected for export to both MS Excel and Word format.  

Selected projects or entire lists can be exported with a single click - project details can also be printed direct from your web browser.

Detailed Research

Detailed Research

Our team specialise in finding the hard-to-get information.  It’s our high level of research effort that really sets us apart from the rest.  Customers rely on CIS to uncover the ‘who – what – when – where’. 

Our research starts at planning and ends when the project moves on-site.  Along the way we make every effort through phone and web research to provide you with as much of the detail as possible.

CRM Compatibility

CRM Compatibility

Export key projects to our bespoke CRM compatible database format.  CIS Online can be the ideal channel to feed your internal CRM system with valuable, timely and above all relevant project opportunities.  Review your CIS leads online and select the most lucrative opportunities for export to CRM format.

Multi User Functionality

Assign Project To

With CIS CRM you can create a multi user team who can be assigned projects based on sector, location, value etc. so that your compnay can pursue more leads in less time. Multi-user subscribers will have an administrator who can assign projects across a team. We'll send you email alerts when your tracked projects have been updated.

Record Project Notes

Project Details Feature

See what projects have been assigned to what team member and re-name your projects for easier identification. Record company notes to monitor lead progress and add recall dates and compnay value to each project.

360' View of Pipeline Opportunities

Crm Pipeline Report Excel

There are various options for outputting your CIS tracked projects whether you want to see a report of your projects or use the data for analysis, reporting of in some other system.

3468 construction projects with a total value of €21.5 billion have been added/updated to our comprehensive dataset in the last 100 days. Gain access to the details of all these projects and more