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Most Viewed Projects 10.10.2014

CIS are now happy to deliver the top 10 most viewed construction projects on our online database this week. This watch-list contains opportunities across counties in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland in the construction sector.

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€50m - Office Development

Co. Cork

Hotel & Catering


€10m Distillery/Visitors Centre

Co. Dublin

Hotel & Catering


€80m Educational and Medical Training Facility

Co. Dublin



€4m Samuel Beckett Civic Campus

Co. Dublin



€8.5m Linn Dara Hospital Building

Co. Dublin



65 Units Residential Development

Co. Kildare



65 Units Residential Development

Co. Kildare



€50m - Office Development

Co. Cork



€2.5m Western Gateway Building- Build & Fit-Out

Co. Cork



€4.5m - New School

Co. Dublin


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Opportunities in the Industrial Sector

Over 400 Industrial projects have been granted planning permission since the start of 2014
In this latest CIS blog post we are pleased to provide you with an overview of project opportunities within the Industrial construction sector. Our analysis below looks at planning volumes within the sector over the first 9 months of the year.

According to the CIS research team, 409 Industrial projects have been granted planning permission so far in 2014. They also report that 27 projects have been awarded contracts, thus indicating a pipeline of opportunities for both contractors and suppliers.

Stage Total Projects Total Value Avg Value
On Site 138 €283.5M €2M
Contract Awarded 28 €733.7M €27.1M

Full details on all these Industrial projects are available to CIS subscribers online. If you are not currently a subscriber please feel free to take our free 10 day trial or call +353 1 2999200 for further information.

11/09/2014 - Residential Recovery

It has been well documented by the ESRI medium term review that "around 10,000 - 12,000 new houses are needed per year up to 2015 and that bewteen 20,000 - 25,000 new houses are needed from 2016 onwards"

According to research carried out by CIS over the past 4 quarters the Residential sector appears to be showing some signs of slow recovery.  During this period over 14,500 schemes have been approved which covers Self-Build, domestic extensions and multi-unit developments.  The table and graph below represent the volumes of schemes which have received full planning permission granted during this period, the numbers referenced represent volumes of schemes and not units.

  Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland Total
Schemes (Multi-Unit) 939 584 1523
Extensions 4327 2915 7242
Self-Build 3436 2355 5791

*Volumes of granted schemes by region

Domestic extensions represent 50% of granted residential schemes over past 12 months.

Residential Graph

*Granted residential by type

To complement our analysis we have studied the numbers of projects previously placed on-hold and are now approved for extension of duration - our findings show that approx 50% of extension of durations granted year-to-date are within the residential construction sector and 26 multi-unit schemes have progressed beyond this to on-site construction phase.  Perhaps this is an early indicator of a revival for the housing sector.


05/09/2014 - Public Sector Tenders August 2014

Attention Architects, Consultants, Project Managers & Surveyors - 28 public sector tenders for Design and Consultancy services published during August.  Opportunities across counties in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

Republic of Ireland - Click to request details

CIS Ref. Title County Close Date
790941 Design, Contract Procurement & Construction Phase  Co. Cork Closed
793091 Provision of services for Visitor Experience Co. Cork Mon 15 Sep
792940 Consultancy services for Marine Engineering Works Co. Cork Thu 11 Sep
791840 Consultancy Services Co. Dublin Closed
793490 Project Mgt & Environmental Consultancy Services Co. Dublin Mon 06 Oct
793137 Engineering Consultancy Services Co. Galway Thu 25 Sep
792083 Architectural Design Services Co. Kildare Fri 05 Sep
791070 Design & Project Management Services Co. Kilkenny Closed
793489 Technical Advisory & Estates Support Co. Limerick Wed 08 Oct
791895 Design Team Services Co. Meath Wed 03 Oct
649228 College Redevelopment Co. Meath Fri 19 Sep

 Northern Ireland - Click to request details

CIS Ref. Title County Close Date
790992 Energy Consultants & Telecoms Consultants Co. Antrim Closed
786449 Re-modelling of Interface (Peace Walls) Co. Antrim Closed
790327 Enterprise & Community Centre Redevelopment Co. Antrim Wed 03 Sep
791600 Building Surveying Services Co. Antrim Closed
792074 Office Accomodation - Design Team Appointment Co. Antrim Closed
790326 £30k MRI Scanner Replacement - Design Team Co. Antrim Closed
791294 £30k MRI Scanner Replacement - Appoinment Co. Antrim Closed
791599 £16k Mammography Installation - Design Team  Co. Antrim Closed
792648 Housing Group Repairs Co. Antrim Wed 10 Sep
792959 Integrated Design Team - New School Building Co. Armagh  
792942 Interpretation Panels - Multi-Discipline Design Team  Co. Armagh  Fri 05 Sep
782726 £1.1m New Post Primary School Co. Armagh Thu 18 Sep
791381 Surface Car Park - Civil Engineering Design Services Co. Down Closed
791378 Surface Car Park - Quantity Surveying Services Co. Down Closed
791375 Surface Car Park - Landscape Designer Co. Down Closed
791899 £100k Master Planning - Architectural, Engineering Co. Down Sun 07 Sep
793526 Enabling Works - Design Team Co. Down Thu 04 Sep
792644 Victoria Lock Greenway Access Path - Consultants Co. Down Fri 05 Sep
793492 Design Team for Minor Refurbishment Works Co. Down Thu 04 Sep
793536 £1.5m Environmental Improvement Scheme Co. Derry Thu 25 Sep
792751 Upgrade Works to Foul Drainage System Do. Derry Closed
790990 Firecode Works (Building) - Design Team Co. Derry Closed
791099 Upgrade of Critical Care Systems & Street Light Co. Derry Closed
791100 Upgrade and Replacement of Fuel Lines & Storage Co. Derry Closed
791291 Firecode Works (Electrical) - Design Team Co. Derry Closed
791292 £45k Ward Refurbishment - Design Team Co. Derry Closed
792749 PSI Cath Lab Phase II - Design Team Appointment Co. Derry Closed
791098 Records Management Store - Design Team  Co. Tyrone Closed
791095 Town Centre Masterplan - Review and Update Co. Tyrone Closed

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05/08/2014 - Top Structural Engineers

According to CIS Research Structural Engineers have been linked to over 220 major projects in Ireland over the past 12 months.  The largest of these projects is the €3bn Heuston Station to Docklands Dart Interconnector Tunnel - although this scheme has stalled since it was granted permission in 2011, recent reports of compulsory purchase orders which have been sent to homeowners and businesses along the proposed route may signifying a re-ignition of the project. A decision is expected to be made in 2015 on the future of the project and if it will proceed. Outside of the proposed interconnector tunnel the average construction value of a project involving a structural engineer over the past year equates to €9.3 million.

The table below shows top Structural Engineering firms by volume of associated projects researched by CIS over the past 12 months.

Structural Engineers

Fig 1 - Top 10 Structural Engineering firms aacording to CIS Research over recent 12 months

Full details on all Structural Engineers and their associated projects are available to CIS subcribers - Free Trial available to non-customers.

01/08/2014 - Opportunities in the Medical Sector

Recent CIS research illustrates that new applications and decisions to approve new projects within the Medical sector have remained consistent year on year since 2012.  The analysis below focuses as the period Jan 1st to July 31st for each year listed.

To date in 2014 the total value of granted schemes exceeds €365m with the largest approved project being the €26m proposed extension to the Bon Secours Hospital in Cork.  The average value of each granted scheme equates to just under €2.3m.  Assuming each of these schemes reaches on-site phase the sector would appear to be lucrative for contractors and suppliers.


Total Value Granted


Average Project Value


Largest Single Project (Bon Secours Cork)


28/07/2014 - Over 500 New Retail Planning Applications

According to data produced by the CIS Research Department there have been over 560 planning applications within the shops and retail sector so far during 2014 - a further 387 projects have been granted approval too.

Within the Republic of Ireland the greater Dublin area dominates with the balance of projects equally distributed amongst the other regions.  The combined 6 counties of Northern Ireland represents the largest single region for applications within this sector.

The data analysed includes projects of both a large and small nature incorporating change of use, small and large extensions as well as applications for large commercial developments.

Regional breakdown

Retail Sector

 Full details on all projects are available to subscribers - to trial the CIS Service click here


16/07/2014 - Enterprise Ireland Meet the Buyer Event

Meet the Buyer Event: DIT Grangegorman Development - Supply Chain Opportunities, 13th August 2014 

EI Logo

Do you want to become a supplier on the DIT Grangegorman Campus Development Project?

Enterprise Ireland in partnership with the National Development Finance Agency will host a free “Meet the Buyer” event to provide information on supply chain opportunities on the DIT Grangegorman East & Central Quad developments.

Full Details of DIT Grangegorman Campus development project including information on the shortlisted contractors can be found on website National Development Finance Agency - Tender Competitions - DIT Campus at Grangegorman.

Date: Wednesday 13th August 2014
Time: 09:15 - 14:00. Registration will open at 09:15 
Venue: City West Suite, City West Hotel, Saggart, Co. Dublin


Attendees will

  • learn about the campus development at DIT Grangegorman
  • find out how to become a sub supplier to the projects
  • have speed meetings with the 3 short listed consortia contractors/facilities management providers tendering for the projects
  • receive information on employer support programmes and credit insurance & financing
  • have the opportunity to meet with fellow attendees at the networking hub 

Who you will meet

Consortia BAM Eriugena Group Kajima Infrared
Equity Provider


Macquarie Capital Group Ltd

Kajima Partnerships Ltd

Infrared Capital Partners Ltd


BAM Building Ltd

John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd

FCC Consctruction S.A

Brookfield Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd

FM Service

BAM FM Ireland Ltd


Noonan Servcies Group Ltd

HSG Zander Ireland Facility Services Ltd

Typical Supply Chain Opportunities

Download further details of supplier categories that are of interest to the contractors

Pre-qualifying supplier requirements will include:

  • Up to date Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employer's Liability and/or Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Accredited Safety Management System

Full details of the pre-qualifyingsupplier requirements will be provided on the supplier questionnaires and at the Meet the Buyer event

For further information on the Meet the Buyer event, please contact:

Karen Hoey
Morrow Communications
Tel:  01 6689887

For information on public sector opportunities, please contact:

Orlagh Murphy

Enterprise Ireland

Tel 01 7272965


Maria Gavin

Enterprise Ireland

Tel 01 7272887


16/07/2014 - Over 800 Projects Commenced Year-to-Date

832 projects commenced to-date during 2014

According to CIS research department over 800 projects have commenced construction work so far this year.  For the purpose of analysis I have categorised the projects into 4 construction value band brackets - the graph below describes the volumes of individual projects per value band.  The anaylsis does not include data for self-build residential or extensions.

16/07/2014 - Over 800 Projects Commenced Year-to-Date

Full project detail on all 832 projects is available to CIS subscribers online.  If you are not currently a subscriber please feel free to take our free 10 day trial or call +353 1 2999200 for further information.

07/07/2014 - Sunday Business Post Feature with CIS Managing Director

Business Information/Market Research Sources: CIS offers clients proactive project monitoring

The construction sector is re-emerging from recession and CIS (Construction Information Services), as the leading provider of market intelligence to the sector, can play a pivotal role on behalf of its clients by pointing them in the direction of new projects.

''There's only one way the construction sector in Ireland can go, and that's up, said CIS managing director Tom Moloney.

But he added: ''It will not happen overnight and confidence has to be rebuilt in order to ensure that growth can be sustained into the future.

CIS provides a project pipeline service to clients via its web service Through this service CIS keeps its clients continuously up to date on all contract and supply opportunities that are surfacing in the re-emerging construction sector.

''As the construction sector begins to lift, our service is being actively engaged with by companies from across the entire construction sector. CIS enables clients to target the sectors and locations where new projects are emerging and critically where opportunities will emerge six months down the line and beyond, he said.

CIS felt the pain experienced by the sector first hand over recent years. However, having been established for almost four decades when the recession bit in 2008, its management understood the importance of resilience and its long history gave it the strength to battle its way through the meltdown. Now, like the construction industry itself, CIS is enjoying growth.

''We grew our client base by 35 per cent over the past 12 months. As a business tool, the information we provide helps identify projects and generates sales leads. Clients can search for projects by county, sector, value and size.

Whether you are searching for information about residential projects in the midlands, a new commercial property in Cork or the National Children's Hospital in Dublin, CIS can guide you to where the work is.

''We track projects from planning applications through to tender stage, to the time contracts are awarded, to completion, said Moloney.

''We have a wide range of clients from contractors, to professionals to suppliers, including architects, landscape designers, consultative engineering firms, recruitment companies and property consultants. But we also have clients who are chasing very specific business such as flooring or fit-outs for commercial properties.

''Ours is a simple to use, intuitive site, he said. ''Three or four clicks will give you a snapshot of existing and potential business.

The recession gave CIS the opportunity to strengthen its all-island offering. ''The recession forced a lot of undesired change on us, but on a positive note we also took the opportunity to upgrade our technology platform and in 2012 we acquired Unearthore, a Northern Ireland-based information business. This has given us a much stronger foothold in Northern Ireland and we are ready for the pickup, which has been a bit slower there, but is starting to happen.

As Moloney sees it, one of the key advantages with the CIS service is the fact that it tracks projects. ''We give proactive updates issuing alerts by daily or weekly email to subscribers, reminding them about relevant deadlines, etc.

He has a positive outlook for the business and the sector and states that recently CIS has welcomed back many previous clients to its popular project monitoring service, including most of Ireland's largest property consultancy and estate agency firms.

''The fact that we have also recently signed up many of the leading recruitment consultancies in Ireland bodes well for employment numbers within the sector also, he said.

According to Moloney the recovery has been Dublin-led, but there are now positive signs emerging in other areas of the country as well as Northern Ireland.

''The beauty of the CIS service is that it removes confusion and speculation - with a few simple clicks the key areas of activity are isolated and identified.

CIS research indicates that the main areas of recovery are commercial and hospitality. ''Education is always a steady performer, and the medical sector, industrial warehousing and storage are also starting to pick up.

''However, for construction to fully recover it needs to be at 12 per cent of GNP and currently even with recent improvements we are at only half that figure.

Looking to the future for CIS, Moloney is confident. ''We have been through very tough times, but we now have the technology, skills and infrastructure in place to benefit from the turning tide, he said.

3579 construction projects with a total value of €14 billion have been added/updated to our comprehensive dataset in the last 100 days. Gain access to the details of all these projects and more - register for free 7 day trial now